Hey love,

For a long time, I found it really difficult to manifest love, and coincidentally, wealth into my life. It felt like no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t get the results I wanted. Then, I started harnessing the power of my subconscious mind to do the work for me and everything changed.  

Reprogramming my subconscious mind is one of the biggest things that helped me to manifest my husband and grow my income.

You can make it WAY easier to achieve your goals by programming your subconscious mind (it’s the part that does things automatically without us thinking and it’s running in the background all of the time) to attract what you want to you.  

This isn’t phoney or made up. The great manifestation books of all time teach us that the subconscious mind is ACTUALLY what is doing the attracting in your life. (not your conscious, logical mind). So, if you have subconscious blocks, then without you even knowing it, you block the love or money you want from coming in.  

In practical terms, it’s why you can THINK with your conscious mind “I am so ready for my man” but he doesn’t appear in your real life. Or you can THINK with your conscious mind ” I want more income” but all that keeps appearing is lack of money.  

Are you ready for more love AND more money and for it to be EASIER? Then, grab my subconscious mind reprogramming audio tracks now, TWO for just $7.


Sending you light and love,
Nicole Moore

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Author: Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore is a love coach who helps, powerful, influential women find their ideal partner. Using her signature Love Works Method, she’s helped thousands of women find lasting love fast.

Nicole started her company while she was in a relationship she thought would lead to marriage. Instead it resulted in emotional abuse and her boyfriend cheating on her. Suddenly single as a life coach, Nicole had to start following her own advice and take every tip she’d ever taught a client – and it worked. She found her dream man exactly one year after following her program and is now happily married with a beautiful son living in Encinitas, CA.

Nicole has three life coaching certifications, including certification from New York University. She’s been featured in Money Magazine, Forbes, and Greatist.com.