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Nicole Moore is a love coach who helps, powerful, influential women find their ideal partner. Using her signature Love Works Method, she’s helped thousands of women find lasting love fast.

Nicole started her company while she was in a relationship she thought would lead to marriage. Instead it resulted in emotional abuse and her boyfriend cheating on her. Suddenly single as a life coach, Nicole had to start following her own advice and take every tip she’d ever taught a client – and it worked. She found her dream man exactly one year after following her program and is now happily married with a beautiful son living in Encinitas, CA.

Nicole has three life coaching certifications, including certification from New York University. She’s been featured in Money Magazine, Forbes, and Greatist.com.


Founder & CEO of Love Works Method

love works has helped thousands of amazing women.

Worried about karma ruining your chances of finding a man? Say it with me: "I ask that any and all negative effects from past miscreations be undone, here and now, in this present moment, it is done." Make this your mantra!

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Healing within is the only thing that ever truly brings you the love that you seek.

Until you do that, it’s all just a repeat or past patterns and old wounds.
Different people come in and out of your love life but at the end of each one, your left feeling the same ways you did as a child in those moments where you felt abandoned, rejected, not safe or not good enough.
I’ve been inside the minds and hearts of thousands of women and even the mega successful ones who look like they have it all together on the outside had to go WITHIN to heal in order to attract the love they deserve.
So much love advice out there is fluff or promoting a quick fix or has you buy into the idea that you can magically get a man who is not treating you right to love you forever if you just know this one little trick.

I’m not about that.
Because, I know for certain that the only thing that actually works is LOVE.
Real self love within.
Real belief that you can have what you want in love.
And being brave enough to show up as the real you and claim that that IS good enough, so you can attract in someone who matches your wholeness within, not your wounds.
Healing within is what brings you real love.
Bottom line.
Do you agree? Comment below if you do. 💋
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Is there anything more vulnerable than being a parent?
I once heard someone say that being a mom is like having your heart outside of you, moving around the world and that feels really true to me.

The cliches are true that it really is a different kind of love.
For me, it’s an experience of knowing what it’s like to truly hold unconditional love as the background to everything. I love my son even when he acts up or behaves in ways I would not prefer and even being a Love Teacher, that kind of unconditional love is a stretch for me with every other human except for him.

I don’t think being a mom is the only way to feel this way, but it was an access point for me.

I think the truth is that life is always trying to help us love more and it will serve us the lesson in whatever ways we can most hear it and receive it.

I’m sure glad my love lesson came wrapped up in the cuteness that is Luke 😍

Moms, do you experience this unconditional love and is it different for you than how you love others? Let me know.
Non-moms, how do you access the depths of your unconditional love?
I’d love to know that too! 💋
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380 23

To be cherished and adored, you have to feel worthy of being cherished and adored.

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You are too beautiful, smart, and amazing to let your love game get thrown off by one man who may or may not be the one. So lean back, know you're the prize, and know there are so many options for you.

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633 36

That smile you get when you know those people who tried to tear you down, steal your confidence and pass their hurt onto you didn’t win because you’re stronger than every single one of them
and nothing and no one could ever truly stop the incredibly powerful and amazing being that you are ⭐️💋
#riseup #survivor #pheonix #powerfulwomen #powerfulwoman

638 35

“But I love himmmmmmm!!!”
That’s what so many women use as a reason for tolerating poor behavior or unavailability from a man.
Hear me on this:
Love is NOT enough.
Just because you love someone or feel such a connection with them, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re supposed to be with them.
Just because you feel so good when you’re with him doesn’t mean that it’s ok you feel like crap when you’re not and he’s totally unavailable.
Just because you have some good times, doesn’t mean that the bad ones get a pass.
It’s super important to look at the ratio.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the good times are the truth if you’re getting bad 70% or more of the time.
And if someone was amazing at the beginning of the relationship but is showing up like crap now, don’t relate to them as if that far away
good that you remember is the real them and ignore the fact that you’re not getting what you want now and haven’t for a long time.
Be the woman who knows she deserves better AND acts that way.
Be the woman who is bravely willing to communicate her needs to a man, from a loving place, simply because she knows she’s worth it and to not speak up would be to send a message to her inner little girl within that she’s not worth of having her needs met.
And, be the woman who’s willing to walk away if she isn’t treated the right way.
To do that, of course, you’d have to believe that in love, it can get so much better than what you currently have.
It can.
Even better than you could imagine.
And even better than you could imagine is truly the good in love that you deserve. .
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636 30

Monday focus ON.
Clarity ✔️
Big Vision ✔️
Belief It Can Happen ✔️
Heart and Passion ✔️
Knowing the Universe Supports Me ✔️ Let’s go!

Who else is feeling like after the eclipse energies of this weekend that your mind is clear, your heart is pure, your vision is even bigger and you’re ready to manifest some incredible things in 2020?

Leave me a comment below if you’re on fire to manifest greatness right now and let me know what you’re manifesting next! 💋
#lifecoach #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoaching #successcoach #successcoaching

312 22

What if it’s a lie that you have to struggle and sacrifice to have love in your life and the truth was always that love is supposed to be easy because it’s a natural extension of who you really are?

What if the only one you ever had to prove your worth to was yourself and the people who didn’t or couldn’t choose you weren’t right but just a reflection of where you needed to choose yourself?

What if your past struggles in love don’t mean that you can’t have it now, but that you’re meant to be loved oh so well for the rest of your life to make up for all the crap you’ve already been through?

And, most of all, what if there was never any “this is just how it is” in love at all, but instead you could, if you wanted to, make it all up as you went along and decide to create a love life entirely right for you?

Hint: you really can make it all up according to your own true desires and get what you want in love! 💋
#datingcoach #datingadvice #datingadviceforwomen #manifestinglove

685 43

It’s an energy thing... Since I was in college, I’ve heard a comment from men over and over again and it’s this:
“There’s just something about you”. I’m not the prettiest, skinniest, or whatever-est woman and by the way no woman can ever be this!! But I DO have an attractive energy and I’m not afraid to admit it.
A bit of confidence, a bit of mystery, a bit of depth that has men (and women) be intrigued.
And the thing is, you have got your own unique brand of attraction magic inside too.
When you stop playing the let me compare myself to others or try to be the prettiest woman in the room game, and you start owning your unique qualities and essence, that’s when your inner light turns on and people find you attractive no matter your weight, age, or what you physically look like.
Here’s what I recommend to clients:
Make a list of the five words you would use to describe your core essence.
Then, for each quality spend some time writing about WHY that particular quality is so valuable and has you bring so much to the table in love.
This exercise you feel so much more confident and that confidence creates a truly attractive vibe.
So...OWN IT. Figure out what’s unique and valuable about you and turn the dial up on those qualities.
This way, your core essence will be shining through brightly and people won’t be able to explain it exactly but they will be magnetically drawn to you. 💋
#confidence #datingadvice #datingtipsformen #confidencecoach #confidentwomen

500 37

If every woman who was dating knew this....
Men would have to step up,
Women would ask for what they want and feel worthy to receive it,
Everyone would tolerate way less pain, chaos and drama in love,
and romantic relationships would become what they were always supposed to be:
A source of joy and love, not pain.
Do you agree? 💋
#worthy #worthyoflove #believer #believers #godisgood #lifecoach #selflovecoach

339 32

True story: I moved from New York City where I was born and raised (upper east side represent!) to California because I had a strong intuitive knowing that my love was waiting for me there.
It was the ultimate risk, leaving behind my comfort zone and my life there + I don’t have a driver’s license and had one friend there at the time.

But, here’s what I knew...
Love favors the bold.
Those who are willing to risk opening their heart again and again are the ones who find amazing love while those who guard their heart stay stuck either single or in mediocre relationships.
I was scared to go but even more scared to not take the risk and follow what my soul was guiding me to do.
I met my husband 3 months after I moved and the rest is history.
Now, as we prepare to sell our house and then move to a different part of Cali, the same feelings of fear are coming up again.
But I know for certain that the excitement I feel and the pull in my heart is stronger than any fear.

This is truly where life is the best. It’s when you’re right up against the edge and leaving your now comfort zone to go higher.
I love that feeling of big freaks that have yet to be realized but that you know are yours and I love being the woman who goes for it even, and especially, when afraid.
When was the last time you truly risked in love or in life?
And maybe, just maybe, is it time to risk again? 💋

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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493 38

Yesterday at the toy store, Luke picked up a toy baby girl and said “we buy this”...is he trying to give me a hint? 😀

But seriously, @donmiguelruiz says in his book “the mastery of love” that it’s the love coming out of you that makes you happy and I completely agree.
Every day, I have so much love come out of my heart for Luke and it just makes me happy to love him so much.
I don’t count how much love he’s giving back. I just give.
And yes, I’ll take his sweet kisses and affection all day long for sure, but the gift in motherhood is truly that feeling of your heart being so open to pure love.

Have you experienced this kind of heart opening love before whether it’s for a child or a pet or a romantic partner or friend? Where you are just so happy in the love you are sending out?
Let me know in the comments! 💋
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453 29

There comes a time when you’re wise enough to know that anyone who does not fully see your value, and immediately, is just not worth your time.
Is now that time for you? 💋
#selflovecoach #selflovefirst #chooseyou #chooseyourself #lifecoachforwomen

446 44

Manifesting Love 101:
1) clear any limiting ideas that say you can’t have exactly what you want.
2) increase your feelings of worthiness and being good enough to have what you want.
3) feel the feelings you would feel if you already had this love in your life.
4) don’t let the doubts, fears or negative experiences sway you from your truth and keep believing no matter what your past or present looks like.
5) open your heart fully to receive this love and be brave enough to risk again.
And then, of course, it’s not just about finding the love but it’s about showing up with love on your side of the street to make it grow.
Bottom line is: fear and love don’t hang out together and the more you clear the fears and doubts and show up as the real you in love, full of faith, certainty and positive expectation, the better your love life will be! 💋

What step feels the most challenging for you? Let me know in the comments below.
And what have you been doing lately to manifest the love that you want in? I wanna know! .
#manifestation #lovecoach #lovecoaching #datingcoach #datingcoaching #relationshipcoach #manifestinglove

621 64

Always. Always. Always stand out rather than blending in.
You’re meant to shine, baby. Not fade into the background.
You’ve got something so unique and amazing inside of that that the world has never seen.
And it’s waiting for you and only you to bring it out.
Step into that spotlight and claim your rightful place that only you can fill and know that when you take the risk to be fully YOU, so much love and support will rise up to meet you there. 💋
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635 69

Oh, 2019.....
You threw me some big challenges so that I could rise up.
You showed me a real life miracle in front of my eyes so that I could never doubt again that there IS support from the divine beyond our wildest dreams and we are worthy of it.
You helped me move out of misalignment in business into a higher path.
You showed me who I really am and then asked me to step into it NOW, before I had evidence it would work, so that 2020 could be the year I manifest my TRUE heart’s desires....the real big vision, not the one I’ve been playing at up until now.
Thank you for teaching me how to let it be so much easier.
Thank you for teaching me that there are truly things I can ONLY do with the help of God.
Thank you for showing me that ME being fully me is what’s going to make this whole game of life really work.
You felt like the longest year.
And I’m glad it’s over.
But also so glad to see that the one thing that shined bright and through this whole year was LOVE.

I have more love for me at the end of the year than when I started.
I have more love for my husband Mike and an even closer bond.
And I’m super super close to my beautiful son Luke.
To me, that means I’ve won the year because I know that love matters most above all.
Thank you for setting the stage for me to become the woman this year who can actually RECEIVE all the bigger blessings next year.
2019, I love you.
2020, I am so ready.
Ps: top 9 shows me that you like pics of my face and quotes from me!
More of that on this feed in 2020 😀
#positivemindset #growthmindset #successcoach #successmindset

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A little bit of luxe a + a little bit of edge + a little bit of femininity mixed in...does anyone else feel like their style and also who they are just cannot be contained or put into one pretty box?

To me, the interesting people are always those with a bit of edge. A bit of roughness or rawness or raunchiness underneath it all.
Normal people bore me.
And if someone was describing me and the first word they used was “nice”, I would probably take that as an insult.
If you’d rather be seen as too loud than too quiet,
too confident than too humble,
and too demanding than too accommodating, then you just might be my kinda people.
And if you just can’t be put into a box because you refuse to put yourself in one in the first place, then we should probably be friends 😉

What words would you use to describe yourself that don’t necessarily go together? Post them in the comments below 💋
#lastyle #leatherjacket #chicstyle #styleblogging #beyou

509 42

Confidence is the best thing to wear on a date.
On the very first date with my hubby Mike, he said he saw me walk in to the restaurant, past the bar to get to the table where he was sitting and every guy at the bar turned their head to look at me.
It’s an energy thing!

I walked into that date with my shoulders leaned back, knowing my worth and so of course he saw that immediately too.
Did I look perfect? In all honesty, I was wearing a super cute dress that night but my hair was kind of a mess and I barely had time to do makeup before the date.
What I did know for certain though, was that I was a catch and I truly felt like any guy would be lucky to be with me.

I was aware of everything a man would get from being with me and exactly why every quality I had was so valuable.

This is so different from how most women date!
Most women are in what I call please pick me energy.
They’re waiting for a man to choose them and validate them in order to feel worthy.
They’re unsure if they’re good enough and they’ve decided that a man has the answer.

No one else could ever determine your worth. You do. And the more you own it, the more others will too.
If you want a date to see you and instantly see your worth, it starts with you seeing it first.
So walk into that date with your shoulders back like I did.
And know that you do bring so very much to the table.
Comment below with “I know my worth to declare it as so💋 .
#datenight #datenightoutfit #firstdate #datingadvice #confidencecoach #confidenceissexy

510 72

If you’ve found someone you’re attracted to + really love + really actually like their personality + you have similar visions and are aligned for what you want in life + they treat you so good + they’re committed and faithful to you + they are growth oriented and so are you, then you’ve won the love and dating jackpot.
Do you agree?
Type “I want this kind of love” below if this kind of love is what you want. 💋
#datinglife #lovecoach #lovecoaching #soulmate #lawofattraction

1045 109

A great love teacher should always point you, ultimately, toward your own internal voice of love within.
If you’re consuming love or dating advice that makes you feel more afraid, more wrong and less like you are inherently worthy of the love that you want, then run from it.
Great love advice shows you how to clear your fear based behaviors and patterns of relating that are not truly who you are, so you CAN fully be you in love and thereby attract in someone who is right for you.

It was never about games.
Game playing in love actually comes from an underlying assumption that who you are isn’t enough for someone to want to choose you, so the only way to get them would be to trick them into wanting you.
How could that ever really be true?

It was never about playing down parts of who you are or pretending to be something that you’re not in order to “win” someone else’s love.
That goes against everything that real love is about.
Not all love teachers are created equal.
And not all who claim to be experts are actually grounded in love and truth.
Many are grounded in fear and simply regurgitating things they’ve heard elsewhere because they haven’t actually done the real journey of finding their own love truth within.

Follow those that make you feel better, not worse.
Calmer, not frantic and like if you don’t do it their way or do it “perfectly”, you won’t get what you want.
And follow those who make you feel more worthy as you are, not like who you are is inherently flawed and a reason you can’t have love.
You are worthy.
The fear isn’t you.
And the journey to find love is truly about you becoming more of who you really are and trusting that that you are enough to create the love that you want with a person who is perfectly aligned for you. 💋
#relationshipquotes #relationshipadvice #relationshipcoach #datingcoach #datingadvice

869 86

Let’s talk communication in love.
I believe that speaking your truth is essential.
I believe that clearly asking for what you want and need is key.
And, I believe that holding back on what you want to say because you have a mistaken idea of what being “feminine” means or you’re trying to play a game will never end well.

Too many women have been shut down by the wrong men or made wrong for their emotions or desires, so they now fear asking for what they want at all.

Too many women have begged and pleaded for what they wanted from men who could never get it in the first place and so they’ve mistakenly concluded that it’s better not to have needs or ask at all.

Hear me on this:
Your true desires and needs in a relationship are meant to be met.
Speaking your real truth never scares away the right man but the wrong men might pull away or make you wrong.

Speak your truth anyway.
Because as long as you’re communicating from a space of love, not fear, you deserve to be heard and met.

And the right man WANTS to hear your truth.
He wants to hear what you need so he can give it to you.
He even wants to hear your fiery and impassioned rants every now and then.

Women were never ever meant to shut up and be silent in love or get so fed up from stuffing it down that it all ends up coming out in word vomit and angry screams soon enough.

We were always meant to speak our truth, from our hearts and be met and loved in the way we truly need. 💋
#datingcoach #communicationskills #womenspeakers #relationshipquotes

224 44

I met my husband on @tinder and the thing is, I didn’t do online dating like most women and that’s why I got such a great result.

While most women get so upset by the barrage of crap they see online, I FOCUSED on my end goal and didn’t let the creeps or losers get me down.
It’s just a part of the game that when you’re online you’re going to see more men you don’t like than you do. That’s normal.
If you went to a bar, you might see one or two guys maybe that you are interested in so why would it be any different online?

But then, here’s another key. Because I did attract in way more quality men online than most women do and how I did it was by MAN-ifesting. I focused my mindset and my emotions on being the woman who only attracted quality men online. This was my identity. I believed it.
So, my experience online was way better than most.

The bottom line is, what you get online isn’t “just the way it is”. It’s all actually responding to you.
When you heal within, when you feel more worthy and confident, when you actually believe you can find great men online and you’re not being so emotionally reactive to the men who aren’t a right fit and when you use the right manifesting tools, online dating is an amazing place to meet your man.

What do you think? 💋
#swiperight #tinder #tindersuccessstory #onlinedating #onlinedatingcoach

358 41

The greatest gift 🎁
May we all run toward the things that bring us joy, with wild exuberance and the childlike naïveté to believe that just because we want it, we can have it.

May we all cease to question if we can have what we want and instead run joyfully toward our desires with the flat out assumption that yes we can.

Children never question their desires. They don’t stop and wonder if what they want is possible. They just run full steam ahead to the things that excite them.
And you know what...it works.

I often say to my son Luke “you always get what you want” because honestly, it’s true!
I watch in awe of how life manifests for him in beautiful ways and how truly, life rearranges itself to bring him what he wants and it’s just so amazing to see effortless manifestation in action.

Especially during the holiday season we could all stand to “be like a little child” and let joy and desire be our guide...do you agree?
#toddlerlife #boymom #manifestation #lawofattraction

265 86

Single for the holidays?
The truth is, the holidays are the best time to find love because they tend to make people realize the importance of having love in their lives.

That means that yes, the great single men out there are thinking about finding that special woman right now more so than any other time of year 😉

Join me and the 700 women who are already signed up for my annual Holiday Love Manifesting Challenge where every day for 7 days straight I’m sharing exercises and love advice to get you out of the lonely vibes and into the love manifesting zone.

AND, we are giving away $25,000 worth of love coaching products and prizes!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Link is in my bio and I hope you’ll join me! 💋
#datingadvice #datingcoach #relationships #relationshipcoach #manifestlove

67 7

In the right relationship, you will be loved for exactly who you are.
You were never meant to change or tone down who you really are in order to find love.

The things about you that seemed too much for those in your past are going to seem just right for the true partner for you.
The places where someone else found you lacking are where your true partner is going to see gold.

The thing about love is that way too many people spend their time trying to make the wrong fits somehow right or trying to convince someone else that they are worthy to be loved.

But, what if you skipped all of that and just focused on attracting in your true match?
That person who when they see you, they say: YES, this is MY PERSON.
The person who sees the beauty goodness in your supposed “flaws” and who just wants you to be even more of YOU.

This person exists, I promise.
And that’s actually the kind of relationship you’re meant to be in. Where you are so very free to be exactly who you really are and you are loved freely without having to change your true essence.

Great love goes to those who are willing to believe that such a thing as a true and perfect match in love really exists.
So...do you? 💋
#lovecoaching #attractlove #lawofattraction #soulmates

241 14

One of my favorite lines from a course in miracles is: your problem is not that you ask for too much but that you ask for too little.

Think about that in terms of your love life for a moment.
You don’t have to grab at crumbs of love or take the bad to have the good.

Whoever taught you that love equals pain or suffering or sacrifice was not right.

You deserved to be loved and loved well. You are more worthy than you could ever know.
And the true desires in your heart around your love life are there for a reason.
You’re meant to have it all in love.
Believe it. Feel it. And start acting from that knowing.
If you do this, you will attract in love that’s better than you could ever imagine. .
#datingadvice #datingcoach #relationshipadvice #relationshipcoach

272 2

Happiness is when you’ve forgiven the past so you can love what got you here, when you’re in gratitude for the present moment and when you’re excited about what’s to come.
Do you agree? And what are you most happy about right now?
Comment on what makes you happy below. .
#happinessisachoice #happinesscoach #gratitudequotes #acim #forgiveness

167 9

Looking back at 2019 like thank you for the hardest moments because they were all just preparing me to SHINE.

Drop an emoji if 2019 brought some big challenges to help you let go of what was no longer serving you and open your arms up to receive what you’re truly meant for. 🙋🏽‍♀️ I feel like I grew so much this year and stepped into my power in an even bigger way.
And I can’t wait to see how that plays out in 2020.
What about you? How was this year for you and how did it hell you grow?
#growthmindset #animalprint #leopardprint #reddress #bootty

206 13

Happy Holidays can feel anything but when you’re single and don’t want to be or when your relationship is going sideways.

Don’t worry though because I’ve got your back! I’m going to be sharing so much content until the end of the year that’s all about how to manifest and create the love you want during the holidays rather than stewing in loneliness or despair.
Tis the season for love!

Speaking of holiday love, this segment I did on @ktla5news was so good!
I gave tips on how to survive the holidays single and also shared what gifts to get based on how long you’ve been dating.
Link to watch is in the comments. 💖🎄🎁
#lovecoach #lovecoaching #holidaylove #datingcoach #celebritydating

168 5
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