What is a Dating Coach?
A dating coach is a professional that helps you date successfully to meet your love and relationship goals. This includes things like helping you process your emotions around the dating experience, helping you keep the faith when you feel like dating isn’t working, helping you create a dating strategy to attract better dates and the right match.

A great dating coach doesn’t give you a list of rules or tactics to follow but rather helps you show up in dating as the best version of you by showing you how to project a confident, attractive energy, how to communicate well with potential partners and how to get out of fear and out of your head and show up centered, grounded in love and from your heart.

What Kind of Love Life Goals does Nicole Moore and The Love Works Method team help people with?
Marriage, Life Partnerships, Family Creation, and personal love desires and expectations.
Is this a Dating Site/Are You a Matchmaker?
No and no!

A matchmaker selects people from their database of existing singles that they feel might be a long term match for you and sets you up on dates with them.
Then, the rest of the dating process is all on you.
A dating coach gives you strategies to attract potential dates to you via online or in the real world and also helps you with the entire dating process with the goal of helping you attract the right partner and create a happy, healthy love with them.
Dating Coaching is about helping a person through the entirety of the love process from finding the right person to creating lasting love with them.

How does this Work?
The Love Works Method, otherwise known as Dating for Growth TM, is an approach to attracting and maintaining a loving connection with your ideal partner in the most efficient way possible. It is a practical guide designed for those with competing life priorities but who are also driven and committed to love, nonetheless. The basis of the theory is that all people are equipped with the innate ability to love deeply and are also in possession of the responsibility for their experience. Once that awareness and comprehension take place, there are a sequence of practices and exercises that create energetic adjustments of using both the mind and the body. The final result is that participants in “The Method” return to the innate intelligence of the human organism. Once this state is achieved, Love and anything else wanted or needed, is easily attained.

There are courses on Attraction, Confidence, Deliberate Creation, Mindset Resetting, Trauma Recovery, Emotional Repair, and Subconscious Reprogramming within the Love Works Method curriculum.

To experience the full impact of The Method, the “Get and Keep Your Man” or “Higher Love” programs are recommended.

Is this Religious or Spiritual?
It is not religious in that people of all faiths are welcome here. We understand and appreciate that some prefer to work within certain religious principles of dating and marriage. We have successfully coached those adhering to any religious background and have enjoyed them all equally. In that sense, “The Method” can be used successfully by anyone regardless of their religious or spiritual background.

Within the curriculum, there are several references to a wide variety of religious teachings in some of the lecture portions of the material. These quotes serve as guides or sign posts to an ultimate truth and understanding that go beyond any human language. They are chosen for the practical purpose of elevating the energetic state of the student and NEVER to promote one religious belief system over another.

The method can be spiritual if it is in service to your learning experience. Those preferring a scientific or purely practical approach to creating their ideal Love Life would find the programs equally beneficial.

What is a top 1% man?
A top 1% man has all of the attributes that you personally desire and in addition he possesses advanced mindfulness or higher consciousness in relationships. This means that he has awareness of his emotions and thought patterns and does not let them rule his behavior. Instead he can communicate without being overly reactive or withdrawing and connect with you on an intimate level and develop deeper relationships with everyone in his life. He is commitment ready, capable, and supportive without being overbearing. He is balanced, teachable and ready to be inspired by a top 1% woman.
What is a top 1% woman?
A top 1% woman knows how to embrace her power fully and be inspirational. She also has a higher consciousness in relationships and won’t let thought patterns and emotions be the ultimate dictator of her behavior. She has unshakable faith in herself (or herself and her higher power) and this allows her to love freely and completely without fear. Her mindset, heart, and energy are aligned through inner work and the support of carefully chosen guides.