Somewhere around the end of 2014,
my weight started creeping up.
Slowly at first and then, at times, even up to the tune of 7lbs in one week.
Not exaggerating one bit.

It was scary. It felt out of control. And I didn’t know what to do.
Because, when it all started, I was thin and fit, working out diligently due to half marathon training at the time and also eating very healthy.

I was doing everything “right”. Taking all the right actions,
but still this undesirable thing, massive weight gain, was happening.

Do you ever feel like in your love life you are taking action, like dating,
but still this undesirable thing (not being chosen) just keeps on happening?

My mind got fixated on this loop of trying to figure out what was wrong.
It’s carbs. It’s calories. It’s hormones. It’s stress. It’s bla bla bla bla bla.

Coincidentally, I even had multiple clients message me saying things like “I got “intuitive guidance” that you have a thyroid problem.”
( for the record, I don’t and never did have a thyroid problem)

I was so stuck in looking for what was wrong that I was even attracting people on the outside telling me something was wrong!

I went down the physical route of seeing doctors and getting all the tests.
There were hormone imbalances and mineral deficiencies for sure.

BUT…here’s the crazy thing. 
When I started to implement the supplement protocol for my hormones,
when I tracked calories as every western doctor I went to annoyingly suggested…
the weight STILL didn’t shift.

I stopped gaining, thank God,
but I couldn’t get the weight to go down.

Stuck. Unable to obtain my desire of weight loss despite my very best disciplined efforts.

When you feel like you’ve tried everything and you still don’t have what you want, the fear mind screams at you to just quit if you tend to have a more defeatist energy.

OR it screams at you to take even more action and tells you that you just haven’t done a good enough job yet if you tend to have a perfectionist energy.

Neither answer is correct, by the way.

But consider what you are doing in your own love life.
Does your mind tell you to just quit and take a break from dating becuase you are disappointed by lack of outside results?

OR does your mind tell you that you are just not good enough and you need to obsess and analyze about the right way to find love?

In the case of my weight, my mind went perfectionist, screaming at me that I had to be DOING something wrong and that’s why I couldn’t lose weight.

Finally, I thought, what if I AM taking the right actions, but there’s a deeper block that’s preventing the actions from yielding the result that I want?

So, I sat down, closed my eyes, put my hand over my heart,
and was finally willing to let go of the analytical mind trying to control this situation.

I asked my Higher Self to show me the answers and I was led on an inner journey all the way into my very cells where it was revealed to me that a thought pattern was vibrating on every cell that was blocking me from losing weight and had been causing me to gain it.

If you’re curious,
the thought pattern was “other people are attacking you and invading your personal space.”

When that thought pattern was revealed to me by going WITHIN,
I could immediately feel the stressful effects and how YES,
the weight gain may have been physical in the sense of stress + hormones causing it,
but the DEEPER cause for the physical problem in the first place
was this thought pattern.

A thought pattern that, no doubt, had it’s roots in my early childhood experience.

My Higher Self revealed the faulty thought pattern causing the weight
AND it also showed me how to clear it.

THEN, as if by magic,
at a retreat the week after I went within to find the block and clear it,
a client walked up to me COMPELLED to share information with me
on an eating technique that literally WAS THE ANSWER FOR ME.

The answer came to me.
Not because I was frantically analyzing with my mind and trying to control the situation.
But only when I let go of the fear mind, went within,

And, pretty much the very same supplement protocol that I was prescribed to lose weight in the past,
got prescribed again by a different naturopath
and it STARTED WORKING after I cleared the block.

CRAZY, right?
It’s not though.


And that includes your love life too. 

When you have a deeper inner block, be it a faulty thought pattern,
or stuck, unhealed emotions,
or wounds from your inner little girl,
that block shows up as you NOT getting your desires met.

That’s why you can work on your love life for years and try all these different dating apps or techniques and none of it works.

Energetic Blocks, though you can’t see them with your eyes,
are a VERY real thing. 

You can tell if you have them in your love life by looking at the outside results.

If your love life isn’t really shifting despite your best efforts,
and it’s been stuck in the same place for a while,
you are likely blocked somehow on the inside.

It’s not your fault if you’re blocked and you are NOT wrong for having blocks.

Most blocks start in childhood
and are so deeply ingrained that we aren’t even aware of them.

BUT, it is your responsibility to clear the blocks if you DO want to actually receive your love desires. 

I want to show you how to clear the blocks. 

Because what I now know for certain is that WITHIN YOU
is the wisdom that you need to clear what’s in your way
and finally get the desires of your heart.

Join me for an amazing BRAND NEW and one-time-only WORKSHOP called Find the Blocks and Clear Them

where I’m revealing never before shared exercises that I actually do daily to instantly find my own inner blocks and then clear them.


Imagine the relief of FINALLY having clarity on why you’re stuck, so you can actually shift and open up to receive what you deserve.

Imagine always knowing the right step to take to receive more love,
money or whatever else you want and never doubting
because you know for certain that the answer you got is coming from your Higher Self.

This is literally what I personally do to get life to work for ME.

When I want to manifest more money, for instance,
I first find the block within 

(I’m teaching exactly how to do this in the workshop),
then ask how to clear the block and do that,
then ask my Higher Self to show me exactly what to do to bring the money in,
and within no time at all, I get the answer
OR more often than not, the money I want just comes to me in an unexpected and surprisingly delightful way.

When I was dating and trying to find my man,
I didn’t date from my head, analyzing everything to death
and going to crazy-town. 

I trusted myself to always make the right choices with men
because I was connected to truth within.

I found my inner blocks to love and cleared them so love could easily flow to me.
And it literally was like the entire universe was helping me find my husband Mike
and giving me divine winks to point me in the right direction.

I honestly can’t believe I’ve never shared this before because it’s such a part of my everyday life and a MAJOR thing that has me be so successful in love, abundance, career and life.

When I want to heal, shift, change, grow and get to my next level,
the first place I go is WITHIN.

There is so much power in being able to self-heal.

There is so much power in knowing that you can sit down with your journal
and your own heart, dive within and find your own answers,
straight from your Higher Self as to why you are blocked AND what to do about it.

During the Find The Blocks and Clear Them Workshop,
we’re actually going to do this together.

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I’m going to walk you through the exercises that I actually do
whenever I feel stuck and blocked in receiving what I want,
to instantly know what the block actually is.

Then, I’m going to share with you what works for me to shift these blocks.

You’ll leave the workshop having tangible exercises that you can do anytime you feel blocked in going to the next level and receiving what you want plus action steps, journal prompts, exercise and things you can easily do to RECEIVE MORE NOW.

The Find The Blocks and Clear Them Workshop
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PS: honestly, I really did realize recently that going within to heal, shift and clear is NOT something that most people automatically know how to do. 
It’s a gift that I’m grateful for AND it’s also totally something that you can do too once you know how.

I am super big on teaching you how to activate your OWN Inner Love Coach and hear the voice of truth inside, because I don’t believe in one-sized fits all cookie cutter love advice.

I know for certain that within you is the TRUTH, the voice of love and that
if you listen to it, it WILL lead you to the love that you want.

It’s one of my greatest joys and most honored privileges to be able to teach amazing women like you how to connect to your power within
and finally find the love you are meant for.

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