I was struck this weekend once again by just how important the inner healing work is.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post that my Dad was here to visit this weekend.

My Dad’s default way of thinking and speaking that he learned as a child is criticism.

He literally never ever gives positive feedback
and is the kind of person to focus on a “flaw” and point it out.

Only the flaws are never true flaws but just random things that aren’t even bad.

To give you an example, my sister told me that she met up with him shortly after he visited me last time and he was complaining to her that me and mike eat too much gluten free food.

Last time I checked eating gluten free food was not a crime.

But, this is just how he is and it’s a dynamic my little girl grew up in.

Not being seen or recognized or validated or appreciated for who I am.
And being criticized relentlessly when I wasn’t even doing anything wrong.

Now, here’s the important part for you to know.
My husband Mike took the time Friday night after we went to dinner with my dad and stepmom to give me a beautiful shower of words of appreciation.

He told me that I am so beautiful, special, talented, amazing, etc and that he sees me.

He also told me on Saturday morning: I am here for you.
Just let me know what you need me to do.

His whole focus this past weekend was on how to help Nicole be ok and not get hurt from having family around.

t’s really sweet.
And, the thing is, I know 100% how to emotionally take care of myself around family,
care for my little girl, and use anything that comes up for my growth.

I trust myself to move through all of it.
AND it’s so great to have Mike’s support too.
I don’t NEED it, but I love to have it.

Mike is literally the opposite energy of my Dad.
He tells me that I’m a genius and very important person on this planet.
He sees me in such a high light.
He offers endless support and care.

It’s like night and day from what I experienced in childhood.

And how I attracted this kind of love In was through inner work.

I literally put all the steps I did and everything I did to heal and attract in amazing love in my Get And Keep Your Man program curriculum and that’s a 36 video module program.

It wasn’t a quick fix. It wasn’t always easy.

But healing within has given me so much emotional freedom now
that I have learned emotional fitness and how to handle my emotions.

It’s given me so much love within because I know how to care for my inner little girl
and heal her.

And it’s given me amazing love on the outside.
Real, true love that’s exactly what I always wanted
and needed as a little girl but never got.

So, you CAN heal.
You CAN attract in love that is literally so much better than you dreamed of
and better than anything you’ve previously experienced t
hat to the younger version of you it would seem like a dream.

But it’s not a dream. It’s the truth you were always meant to live.

I call this way of living where you are HEALED within,
where the Empowered Woman inside is running the show,
NOT the scared, insecure Little Girl,

A Love Goddess is a rare and special woman who CHOOSES LOVE,
even when it’s not easy.