I’m obsessed with making sure this doesn’t happen for me
or for my clients.

For most people, a relationship starts off strong and there’s so much love.

And it feels so good.
That pure love that you feel at the beginning of a relationship with a man who’s right for you.
That feeling of excitement to see him, the deep connection, the amazing sex,
feeling special when he looks at you and you know that he’s wildly in love with you.

Being in love is a really really good feeling,
especially when it’s real love.

And yet, why does it feel like that love feeling is so hard to hold on to? 

Why do most people sadly believe that the “honeymoon period has to end”
and that it’s normal for passion, intimacy, fun and connection to decline
as a couple advanced in their time together?

I believe that relationships start declining for one reason:

It’s not because time just magically makes passion and love fade.
It’s not because of having kids or just growing apart.
It’s because…

Fear takes over and grows like a weed, eventually killing off the relationship completely.

When two people first fall in love, LOVE is present in abundance.

That means we see the other person through the most positive and forgiving lens.
We go out of our way to be there for the other person.
We think highly of them and appreciate them.
We do a LOT on our side of the street be attractive to the other person and keep their interest.

In short, we’re on our A-game in love and that’s WHY we attracted in the relationship in the first place.

But, with the passing of time in a relationship, most women (and men too) stop being so LOVING
and start becoming more and more fearful.

We build up grievances against our partner and start to see them as failing instead of seeing the good in them.

We stop asking for what we want, or taking care of ourselves or doing what makes us feel good and become needy and dependent on our partner to make us feel good.

We forget that we are on the same side and start developing more of a relationship with the voice of fear in our heads and less of a relationship with the person right in front of us.

It takes YOU, as the woman, being grounded in LOVE not fear.
Now, before you roll your eyes at me and scream at me “WHYYYYY do I have to do all the work Nicole???”
Hear me on this.

Women are the emotional leaders of relationships.
Women are the visionaries.
We are the ones who reign in the realm of intimacy and connection.

So, as you can see, relationship decline doesn’t just happen.

A man treating you so well in the beginning of the relationship and then stopping the love and care for you doesn’t just happen.

A BIG change in a relationship from it going downhill to your partner starting to treat you very differently is really the effect of a lot of previous little micro-moments where one or both of you stopped choosing love and started choosing fear.

Fear can look like being scared of your partner leaving or hurting you,
but it can also look like:

Anger, criticizing your partner in our head, resentment, not being vulnerable, not speaking your truth, making assumptions about your partner rather than asking, poor communication, building up walls, power plays and games, withholding sex or intimacy, etc.

When a relationship starts to get taken over by fear, you know it because it starts to feel like crap and you keep wondering HOW did it go from us being so amazing together and so in love to THIS?

If you’re in this place in a relationship right now, or just want to know what to do in the future should it come up, here’s what to do.

  1. Do a fear inventory and ask yourself: when did I start becoming afraid of my partner, of the relationship, of the relationship ending or about this love in any way? Name the fear as the first step to clearing it.
  2. Look at your side of the street: this is your time to be real with yourself and look at how have you let go of your A-game in love? Did you become complacent? stop taking care of yourself or your man? Take the love for granted? Get sloppy in your thinking and just default into fear? Really own your side of the street.
  3. Figure out what you DO want now: ask yourself what are the changes I’d like to see take place in this relationship? write out a list of how you want your partner or you to change and then the most important question of all is – what has to change within ME in order to allow the space for these changes to take place in our relationship?
  4. Start envisioning the relationship daily as you do want it to be: get your manifesting on and feel the feelings of the relationship already being where you want it to be.
  5. COMMUNICATE: after you’ve released pent up emotions and cleared up your side of the street THEN you communicate with your partner about any desired changes. BUT, the way you communicate matters. If you make him wrong, he’s just going to go into defensive mode. This is where you must use Feminine, Loving Communication to get him to open up and hear you. You share your vision for the relationship, desired changes and what you appreciate about him in a loving way and then give him the space to shift.

AND, if you do have a great guy and want it to work then I want to help you make this relationship the BEST it can possibly be.

So, I felt called to create an opportunity to shift for you.

Relationship Repair, NOW.

4 weeks of private, on-call and personalized feminine communication, inner little girl healing, emotion clearing, heart-healing and relationship repair coaching to get your man fully devoted and treating you like a Queen,
your relationship flowing again and EVEN BETTER than it ever has been,
by FAR.


Here’s what the Relationship Repair Private Coaching Intensive includes:

  • Private 60 minute deep dive intensive coaching call with Nicole
  • 30 Days of Voxer, Voice Messaging Support to shift you QUICKLY.
    Instead of getting triggered and reacting to your man, or using poor communication with him, or fighting with him, you come to me.
    We get you cleared, re-aligned, healed, and GOOD to communicate with him and respond to him in a feminine, loving way that he can actually hear and respond to with love.
  • Bonus Trainings and Modules from other Love Works Programs as appropriate – basically when through our coaching, I see any gaps in your mindset, heart or energy, I’ll send you trainings from other Love Works Programs that apply so you have EVERYTHING you need.click here to sign up now.

This is for you if you know in your heart that you are meant to have an EPIC, extraordinary relationship and you are tired of settling for what you currently have.

You don’t want your relationship to go downhill and you also KNOW it can be so much better than this.

I love doing Voxer Voice Messaging Coaching with women because
massive breakthroughs happen when you get that intimate level of access to me.

One women manifested 15k directly after our Voice Messaging time together.
Another saved her relationship.
Another found her purpose and she’s now putting her work out there in the world in such a big way.

When you need support, I’m there.

The INTENTION that I’ve set ahead of time,
for every single woman that comes into my Voice Messaging inbox to work with me privately, is a massive uplevel in her relationship.
That’s the container that you step into, just by saying yes.

What I’ve seen is that for a romantic relationship to REALLY work and be amazing, a woman has to have the right partner of course,

but THEN, she also has to STAY connected to herself,
keep putting herself first and keep prioritizing her inner work so she can stay showing up as the Queen and he can stay treating her that way.

When the woman slips, the entire relationship slips.

People tend to think relationships end over big things.

But what I’ve seen is that it’s usually small, micro-moments over time that add up to a big break. 

Mirco-moments where you choose fear, defensiveness, trying to be right, speaking from your wounding instead of your heart and letting the inner little girl take over
that cause a relationship to go downhill.

That’s why I LOVE helping women in relationships in this specific way.

Because instead of making things worse during those micro-moments that you might not even be consciously aware of right now,
we snap you out of fear
out of the reactive emotions
and into love.

You start BEING love and showing up as the Empowered Woman again,
moment by micro-moment and all of a sudden,
It all adds up and EVERYTHING changes
and your man is more devoted than ever.

I know this because using these same coaching techniques I’ve helped several clients whose man even broke up with them before we started working together,
get their man back and more devoted than ever. 

BUT…we don’t have to wait for you to get to that point of a breakup!

We can repair your relationship right now, give it a lasting foundation and make it stronger than ever.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering in the Relationship Repair NOW Private Coaching Intensive:

– feminine, loving communication so your man opens up, hears you and WANTS to give you what you want.
– fully healing your heart from any lingering hurt or resentment from your current man or exes that is clouding your perceptions and making you show up triggered and reactive.
– getting the amazing connection, spark, chemistry, aliveness, love and romance back
– YOU getting connected to your own POWER again so you feel like the prize, like a Goddess, like an amazing woman and OF COURSE that trickles over into your relationship.

Over the 30 days of Voxer Voice Messaging Coaching, we can discuss it all:
manifesting money
stepping into your power
owning it
having it all

It’s the highest level of access to me and the highest INTENTION container I have for you to get accelerated results simply by saying YES to ME FIRST.

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Space is limited, obviously because it involves my private time and attention.


I know who this Relationship Repair NOW intensive is for.
It’s for the women who will NEVER settle for a boring, passionless or mediocre relationship.
For the women who REFUSE to buy into the idea that love has to fade over time and who are committed to creating lasting, passionate love with their man.

It’s for the women like me.
Determined. Optimistic. And fully READY for the next level now.

I’d love to have you, if you are CALLED.

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The only way to get this level of a private call with me and Voxer Voice Messaging Support is if you were to sign up for private coaching with me and that’s a 3 month commitment and the investment is 12k.

SO…this is special.
This is rare.
This is because I felt CALLED.
So…are you CALLED?

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PS: Honestly the investment for the Relationship Repair Intensive is NOTHING compared to the PRECIOUS price of your relationship. 
Imagine the time and energy and even money it would take to have to start over again in love with someone else because you let fear take over this relationship with a man who really is great?

UGH. I get sick even thinking about that and it’s so not necessary.

Great love really is priceless.
If you’ve found a good man
but somehow the relationship has gone off track
or it’s not as good as you KNOW it could be,
let’s fix that and make this relationship the best it can be.

You deserve that.

So, click here if your heart is called to sign up to repair your relationship now.