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Quiet confidence. It turns heads, it’s beautiful. But it’s something you can only achieve when you’ve learned to love yourself and prioritize what you need from your relationships. When you sign up for our 10 day Just F*cking Own It! love coaching course, you’re taking advantage of our lowest cost love coaching program. This course may be our biggest bargain, but it does not lack for quality content that is going to empower you to find the one!

In this course, we’ll help you:

  • Obtain The Mindset Of A Queen
  • Own Your True Value
  • Make Men Addicted To And Intrigued By Your Presence
  • Rock Solid Confidence
  • Become A Sex Goddess
  • Embody Magnetic Manifesting
  • Master Online Dating

Keep reading to learn more about how we’ll help you accomplish these things!

This course is for those women who are done settling for less, who are stuck in their love lives, or for those who have been following the Love Works Method, but haven’t yet found a program that fits their needs or schedule.

With Just F*cking Own It, you’ll have 10 days worth of emailed trainings and access to a Facebook group of likeminded women looking to achieve the same goals! And the best part? This course is totally flexible! Its structure allows you to take it on when it works for your busy life. Although this course is designed to build your confidence in 10 days, its format allows you to complete it at your own pace.

This is the course that will help you find the right man. Let’s discuss how. 

Obtaining The Mindset Of A Queen

We’ll cover how and give you the tools you need to take on the mindset of a queen. Learn how to instill a confidence in yourself that allows you to dominate a room without being cocky or arrogant. Embody an energy that grounds you, centers you, calms you, and radiates from your very being. And as a result, be treated with the respect, dignity, and poise you deserve.

 Owning Your True Value

It’s not about comparing yourself to other women — it’s about recognizing the greatness within yourself and JUST F*CKING OWNING IT! We’ll help you reframe your perspective so you’ll feel like the best woman in the room. After this course, you’ll see what you have to offer and be equipped to find a man that you deserve. 

 Making Men Addicted To And Intrigued By Your Presence

We’re going to give the tips, tricks, and confidence that will make your energy so enticing to the men in your life that they won’t be able to think about any other women. No, they won’t be hypnotized, they’ll just recognize that YOU are the best.

 Rocking Solid Confidence

Confidence is key. If you think you don’t look good enough, or there’s something about your body that you don’t embrace, that’s the energy you’re going to emit. We’re here to help you Just F*cking Own It, and once you do, it’ll be irresistible. 

 Becoming A Sex Goddess

We’ll help you rethink your sexuality. You’ll no longer have to worry about men who are ‘just wanting sex.’ Once you’re done with the Just F*cking Own It! course, men will be bowing before you — worshipping you like the goddess you are. They’ll be grateful that they get to be around you, and they’ll like waiting until you are ready to take the extra step. 

 Embodying Magnetic Manifesting

We’ll empower you with a mindset that makes you feel like life is working in your favor. You’ll learn how to make your desires come to you, and be delighted by the way life brings you what you need and what you want.

 Mastering Online Dating

Get the insider information from Nicole herself, who will show you exactly how to construct your online dating profiles in a way that magnetically attracts quality men who meet your standards and needs. Happy clients from past classes have attested to just how fast Nicole’s methods work… basically instantaneously.


The Love Works Method

It’s all in our name. We have the methods for love that WORK! Methods that not only help you find real, deep love, but also methods that help you embrace the powerful queen that you are in a way that will change your life for the better. No more waiting around, hoping that you’ll find a quality man amongst the sea of iffy options. Obtain the confidence and mindset you need to magnetically attract the men you need, want, and deserve.

Shop now to enroll in our amazing Just F*cking Own It! love coaching course and get some exclusive bonuses! It’s a great deal, and our past customers have found love and a new, empowering outlook on life. You will too. 




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