Hello, lovies!

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your hectic day for some one-on-one love coaching advice from yours truly. Now, I know we’re not face-to-face, but trust me — I’ll be sharing some incredible free information that’s sure to help you navigate the dating waters and end up at your destination with a man who’s truly ‘The One.’

Today, I’m talking about dates. Well actually, we’re talking about that time after a date. Come on, we all know what I’m talking about. You’ve had a tantalizing night out with a man who could be the real deal. Then, you get home, sit on your phone, and wait to either text him or for him to text you. 

Keep reading for three tips, or texts, that you can send to your potential man post-date to get him hooked! 

Tip One: Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Him Know

One text that’s sure to get him hooked is short, simple, and really quite sweet.

Text: “I had an amazing time tonight!” And add a winky or smiley face.

I know, it sounds too good and too simple to be true. But, the reality is that after a first date, men usually feel insecure, wondering if they should ask you out again. Even if you think you were straightforward and direct about your interest in a man, he may not have picked it up. Sending a text like this affirms that you had a great time and are interested in stoking the flame. 

It seems silly, but it happened to me. The first date I went on with my now husband Mike, it was amazing! I had a wonderful time and was looking forward to the next rendezvous. Little did I know, Mike was anxious and unsure if I was interested in him, even though I was certain that I had sent him ‘I’m-super-interested-in-you’ signals. 

But, once I let him know that I wanted to see him again, his feelings were validated and we kept on seeing each other. Look at us now!

In closing, this kind of text cuts right through all of the bullshit, self-doubt, and anxiety. Where you might think saying you had a good or even great time is sufficient, there is some room for confusion and overthinking. By saying ‘I had an amazing time,’ there’s no getting it twisted. 

Words have meaning, and there’s no way of misconstruing the work amazing. Do this and I guarantee he will be ten times more likely to ask you out again.

Tip Two: Show That Every Moment Mattered

My next expert tip really boils down to affirming your man and making him feel like a winner. And truthfully, it’s not hard to do. As long as you’re present during your date, this tip will become second nature.

Send him a text that pulls a memorable part of your date. There’s no need to write out a whole page of text, though. Make it short and sweet. Take this example from me:

I was on a date with Mike, we were in a booth at a restaurant, and he kissed me then and there. He didn’t do the standard ‘goodbye kiss.’ It was spontaneous, and I loved it. Here are three ways I could have texted him to show that that moment mattered:

  • ‘That booth kiss though… ‘


  • ‘Booth kiss for the win :)’


  • I just have to say that I really loved that you kissed me at the booth.  


This works because it shows you’re invested, and it affirms to your man that he made a good move. Now, I know not everyone will have a ‘booth kiss moment,’ so here are a few general examples of moment you could send him a follow up text about:

  1. Bring up a joke that had you laughing like crazy.
  2. Did he order your dinner? If you loved that, let him know!
  3. Anything that made the night enjoyable and memorable for you. 

It’s all about gassing up the good things that you experienced because of him. I bet you can say it with me this time… By affirming your man, you’re making him confident that you’re interested and he won’t get rejected! 

Tip Three: Let’s Get Risque…

Okay, the first two were easy. Now, let’s spice it up a bit. This text is going to show that you had a good time, but is also going to spark this sexy, irresistible intrigue:

“I think you might be trouble…”

It’s not as straightforward, but it’s interesting and provocative. It shows that you’re interested in him, and the word ‘trouble’ gives off this fun and sexy vibe that’s sure to bring a smile to his face. This type of text adds a layer of well-intentioned drama that’s sure to keep the conversation going, and again affirms the fact that you’re interested in him. 

No matter what, this is a text that will hook him, drive him crazy, and make him want, no need, to know why you think he’s trouble. At that point, let the conversation bloom and just have fun!

Love Works Method

Thanks again for tuning into these three texts you can send after a date. We promise, these are the best texts to send after a date, and we can’t wait to hear how they worked for you! Comment below with some of your favorite texts to send to a man after a date and whether you like texting first after a date! 

And while this is some expert advice as to how you can hook a man after a first date, there’s a long road to deep love ahead. Be sure to read our other blogs and take advantage of our amazing love coaching courses to embrace your love life, equip yourself with the skills needed for deep love, and to learn how to truly love yourself.